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Meet the co-founders


Leonie and James co-founded the Feminist Men Project after the #MeToo movement began. Sensing that there was an appetite for men to engage proactively in these conversations, Leonie put the word out on Facebook that she wanted to run workshops with men on feminism, and a mutual friend put them in touch. They have now been developing content and running workshops together for two years.

James and Leonie 1.jpg

Leonie Taylor

Leonie’s background is in the charity sector, working for women's rights organisations fighting for an end to gender-based violence. After a policy track led her to a Master’s in Gender Studies at LSE, she fell in love with academia, researching racism in feminist activism in the U.K. She now runs anti-oppression workshops, bringing academic theory to life for practical, everyday contexts.

James McCann

James has been working in non-formal education and training for 5 years in the UK and internationally. His background is in TEFL and now he works as a trainer in the charity sector as well as volunteering with GREAT/Good Lad Initiative as a workshop facilitator in schools, working with boys and young men to disrupt gender stereotypes.

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